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Don't be the Yes Man!

Do you find yourself with a calendar full of meetings? Are you meeting with business partners so often that you barely have time to do actual work? If you are, then yes, you are a YES MAN! (...or woman). Starting a business, means that you may have to continuously meet with vendors, clients, collaborators and many more, in order to push your brand or idea. But failure to continuously work at your brand will leave you with lots of buyers, but no product to sell. We often confuse not being readily available as not being reachable or approachable, but that is not the case. All it takes it finding that happy medium.   

Here are a few tips...

• Make sure to carve out time for work. Actual work time, where you are focusing on your idea or brand. Go somewhere quiet, somewhere where you often feel inspired and...unless you have something major going on, that you would need to be kept abreast of,  put your cellphone and your outlook notifications on mute, as you I know they can become major distractions. The goal here, is to get stuff done!

• As mentioned in my previous post, plan out your time and stick to it. It may feel good to make people happy by saying yes to everyone, but ultimately it sends the wrong message. That you have nothing better to do. Your time is valuable, you are running a business! Let's learn to say NO. This of course does not have to come across as written, I wouldn't want for you to alienate potential customers or collaborators. But this could be a simple...."I can't this week, but what about this date? I am fully booked this week and I would really like to make sure I can give you my full attention".  

• Use the technology available to you. How many times have you attended a meeting, that could have been an easy email or a call? With all the methods of communication that exist, we should be using the resources available to us to get the most out of our days. Why not shoot a detail email and follow up with a phone call to clarify any remaining question, or arrange a Skype or teleconference call in order to share meeting content and visually see those attending the meeting. This will not only save you time, but could save you lots money, if the alternative is a flight in order to meet.

Ultimately is your job to define how to best use your time, but know this, the "Yes Man" is rarely ever recognized and is often working overtime in order to get his objectives done. 

Don't want to be the "Yes Man"? 

Then get it together, get organized or better yet....get yourself an assistant.